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My name is Gregor Trefs and I remember writing my first program when I was 12 years old. I attended a high school specialized in computer science where I implemented sophisticated elevator logic and soldered circuit boards.

I graduated in business informatics specializing in semantic web and data science. My thesis was about ranking SPARQL query results.

My first job was at a consulting company as an interface between our migration team and the customer departments affected by our changes. I learned that being on good terms with other teams is a big success factor. I missed developing software and decided to join a much smaller company as Research and Development Engineer.

The company develops a cloud management software using semantic technologies to integrate information about network equipment. I added a feature to patch whole landscapes of virtual machines at once and simplified the data access layer of the platform. Further, I managed the infrastructure for a research project.

In February 2015, I got the opportunity to become a research assistant at my Alma mater as part of a third-party project seeking for opportunities how to apply analytic algorithms in order to improve customer experience in a CRM software. I spent two months in Singapore at the headquarter of the third-party contractor. It was a very exciting experience. Eventually, the project did not work out and the contract was canceled. By then, we decided to build a new platform for semantically integrating processes. With the help of three students we published our first release by the end of 2015. Until now, multiple releases are available on github.


I value learning and team work. For me it is important to have environment where sharing knowledge and discussions are appreciated and supported.


I am very proficient in Java. I am currently interested in the functional extensions of Java 8. Together with Artem I gave an introduction to functional programming in Java 8 at the majug. I will give a talk about this topic at JavaLand 2017.

Since almost two years, I am also looking into Scala. Although, I have no real work experience here, I wrote some prototypes and I am currently learning how to do Functional Programming in Scala.

I also wrote some scripts in Bash, PowerShell, Python and Ruby. With Ruby I have some work experience as intern in a startup company. I also wrote some JavaScript in Node and did some CSS. My favorite build tool is Gradle, but I also have experience with Maven and SBT.

I am a certified Scrum Master and eagerly try to understand all the facets of Domain Driven Design. I have some pair-programming experience and write my code in a test-driven manner. Please also have a look on my github account.

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If you think I would be helpful for your team, ping me on twitter and let us have a hangout.

Gregor's Mail.
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